Expert Strategies for Overcoming Grief and Loss with Meira Golbert Bar-Lev

Lets face it.  Grief and loss are  hard are the hardest things in life.  Perhaps you were suddenly widowed as I was. Or it could have been a long time caring for a sick spouse who then passed: divorce, the loss of a child, sibling, parent, or a close friend.

In some cases, it is the loss of a business, a broken friendship, or dealing with a long-term illness or disability.  Sometimes it is the trauma of caring for a loved one who suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease,  a child with a disability, autism in its many forms etc.

Grief and loss can be a difficult and emotional journey, and coping with grief and loss is a process that requires time and support. Whether you are dealing with the loss of a loved one or a significant life change, it is important to understand the grieving process and to have the right resources to help you find peace and healing.

overcoming griefUnderstanding the Grieving Process

The grieving process is a natural response to loss and can take many forms. It is important to understand that healing from grief is not linear and may include a range of emotions, such as anger, sadness, guilt, and confusion. Coping with grief and loss requires patience and self-care, and it is important to seek support from loved ones, a grief and loss support group, or a professional counselor.

Emotions of Loss and Coping with Grief and Loss Support

Emotions of loss can be overwhelming, and it is important to give yourself the space and time to process your feelings. One way to cope with grief and loss is through support from loved ones, friends, and a grief and loss support group. Talking to others who have experienced a similar loss can be incredibly helpful and can provide a sense of comfort and understanding.

In addition, Meira Golbert Bar-Lev is a professional certified coach who can help navigate and heal from grief and loss. As a coach, Meira Golbert Bar-Lev has the experience and training to provide support and guidance during this difficult time. Meira also maintains a blog on this website that covers some of the aspects and stages of healing from grief.


Grief Recovery Strategies

There are several strategies for overcoming grief and loss, and finding what works best for you may take time. Here are a few strategies that can help:

  • Allow yourself to feel your emotions: It is important to allow yourself to feel and express your emotions, even if they are difficult. Crying, writing in a journal, or talking to a trusted friend or therapist can be helpful.

  • Take care of yourself: Practicing self-care, such as eating well, sleeping enough, and exercising, can help you cope with the physical and emotional stress of grief and loss.

  • Connect with others: Connecting with others, whether it’s through a grief and loss support group, a support organization, or a faith community, can help you feel less alone and provide you with a sense of comfort and understanding.

  • Give yourself time: Grief is a process, and it takes time to heal. Allow yourself to grieve at your own pace, and try not to judge yourself for the emotions and thoughts you are experiencing.

Emotional Healing After Loss

Healing from griefovercoming grief with a professional certified coach after loss can be difficult, but it is possible with the right support and resources. Meira Golbert Bar-Lev is available as a professional certified coach to help navigate healing from grief and loss. By working with a coach, you can gain new perspectives and strategies for coping with grief and loss, and find peace and healing.

If you are struggling with grief and loss, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. There are resources available to support you, including Meira Golbert Bar-Lev, a professional certified coach who can help navigate and heal from grief and loss.

Meira has worked with many people over the last 17 years.  She has certifications in a number of methodologies which she will synergize to give you the best possible outcome.  For a free no obligation assessment click the following button to contact Meira and schedule a free assessment.